Good songs, and why I love them

There’s nothing like a good song. Here I am going to name some of my favorites. What songs do you love, and do they have a special meaning for you?


1. Make you feel my love by Adele- I love this sing because,  it is a love song that can be interpreted many different ways, romantically, spiritually, a love song to your child, or to someone you simply care for.

2.  Umbrella by Rihanna- This is perhaps my favorite song to date by Rihanna. Why? It’s catchy, unique, and the message is positive. In my opinion, it was a groundbreaking song for Rihanna.

3. Lost ones by Lauryn Hill- this is one of the best rap songs I have ever heard, and the lyrical content is great

4. Zion by Lauryn Hill- a beautiful love song about the love she has for her child Zion

5. How great thou art, originally by George Beverly Shea- this song has been sang over and over by many people for a reason. The words are simply beautiful,  are perfect for worship, and the words get deep into your spirit, and move you in a special way.

6. You raise me up, Josh Groban- another great spiritual song

7. Up to the mountain- Originally written for Martin Luther King Jr., the message in this song is beautiful.

9. Forgive them father by Lauryn Hill- this song combines the sounds of reggae and hip-hop in a unique way, and the message is great.

10. Saviour King by Hillsong- a beautiful worship song




What do you believe is prayer? I believe it is simply communicating with God (Yahweh,hebrew). Do you ever find yourself at a loss for words when you pray? Sometimes, I don’t know what to say, so I pray in the holy spirit. The other day, my prayer was expressed through my tears. God knew what my heart and spirit wanted to say. I also believe a prayer can be long ,or short, what God(Yahweh,hebrew) desires most is sincerity. Of course, my prayers are in Jesus’ (Yahshua’s,hebrew) name. Prayer builds my relationship with God(Yahweh) and strengthens me spiritually, and in other ways. It is one of our best spiritual weapons in spiritual warfare.

Geometric and graphic prints

I don’t know about you, but I love a great geometric or graphic print.I am considering buying a dress in a geometric or graphic print dress, but not sure how it will work for my body. Do you shy away from them because you don’t think they look good on your body, or are you bold and confident and wear it anyway? Here are some great designs. Here is where you can buy them (in order of the pics).

1. pic 1 karl lagerfield for impulse at macy’s

2. pic 2

3. pic 3

4. pic 4 Inc international concepts at macy’s

5. pic 5  Inc international concepts at macy’s

Skin care

Every one has a different skin care routine, and each of us have different needs according to our skin type. My skin is sensitive, and needs moisture. I use an exfoliator from st. ives called apricot scrub 1 or 2 times a week, coconut oil and or olive oil(for hair also) as a facial moisturizer (coconut oil is good for the whole body), and sometimes I use a night cream from pond’s. I wash my face with olay for sensitive skin with no soap, pretty much fragrance free. Of course, sunscreen (even for dark skin), water, nutrition, and rest all help as well. So, what do you use for your skin? What products do you find work best?

10 Great black dresses. Please read the info below the pics.


A black dress,in my opinion, is a must have. It’s classic, stylish, and you can accessorize it so many different ways.Here are 10 that i like. Let me know what you think! Please note: some of them are on sale, others are not, sign up for emails from the site, because some sites give you a discount on your first order, and also they send you emails when they have sales and promos. Also, search on google for promotion codes, for example, if you want something from macy’s, type in macy’s promo codes, and search through the options for the best deal.

Here is where you can buy the dresses (in order of the pics)

1. Pic 1

2.pic 2 and macy’s

3. pic 3

4.pic 4

5.pic 5

6.pic 6

7. pic 7

8. pic 8

9.pic 9 max and cleo from

10. pic 10