New shoes from Jessica Simpson

I am a total sucker for a great pair of shoes! What I love about Jessica Simpson’s shoes is that they are stylish, unique, and fun! Here are some of my faves from her current collection!


Cozy closet

I love this closet! It isn’t big or fancy, but something about  it gives you a warm and inviting feeling! I can see myself in here, taking a dress off the rack, picking out a bag on the shelf to go with it,and then, putting the dress on.  Next,  sitting in a chair in front of the  dresser mirror , putting on pink lipstick, spraying on perfume, and then, brushing my hair. Finally, I would sit down in a cozy chair and put on a fabulous pair of heels! Do you like this closet, or do you prefer something fancier?

Nice closet for someone with small space


When you don’t have the luxury of a large closet, you have to make the most of your space. These little closets are cute, and whimsical. What a neat way to make your small space look stylish and functional!