Shoe feast!

My growing affection for shoes is evident. I have more shoes than I know what to do with. Some, I only get to wear once in a great while. But, I love shoes, what can I say? Who doesn’t? I just wanted to share with you some styles I like!

3cbee8b7f15ad16391bb161c801968af unnamed.jpgcha 189468_fr_mt2streetfsn by Nam 4925880812757018_kikG8Adf_f 85638830384289291_c5THXaKj_b 171488698281718880_LgQ35bUY_b 189151253070132633_SyDynSLZ_f 268949408966513295_YhOLrJ0t_f f27f9800807bf20fa26755ffd0f498f8 images.jpgsdssd 547285_524186024264216_1418046398_n unnamed 332969_fr_mt2 332966_fr_mt2 seeejee NMX1HB1_ai 0440927819932_247x329 0441311903749_247x329 0441398839023_247x329  NMX1H6E_ai 0469630292238_247x329 244179611017375289_JMVvzfuA_b NMX0WMA_ai gizelle_heartprint_2_15 dddeeeeee 0468239227474_247x329   0468239225319_247x329 590f27fa750bc835567d4c6a74bed688  daeb3106cfaf3a4a4dc68269179e70b3images 0441979964779_247x329


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