My Cinderella slippers!

If there is one thing Cinderella is known by, it’s her glass slippers! I think us girly girls grow up wanting to look, and dress like Cinderella, and the Disney Princesses! I finally found my glass slippers!  They shine a bright ,blush color gold when the light hits them!Thank you Brian Atwood, for making beautiful shoes! And, thank you Saks, for sales!

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Lady in a red dress!

Red is one of my fave colors! There is something about a woman, in a red dress. The color makes me think of  these words, bold, and romantic! Red is also the color of blood,life, and perhaps, passion! The innocent blood of our savior Yahshua ( Jesus), was shed  for us, and is life giving (not to get off subject, couldn’t help but share)!   Ok, now for the pics!

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