Lady in a red dress!

Red is one of my fave colors! There is something about a woman, in a red dress. The color makes me think of  these words, bold, and romantic! Red is also the color of blood,life, and perhaps, passion! The innocent blood of our savior Yahshua ( Jesus), was shed  for us, and is life giving (not to get off subject, couldn’t help but share)!   Ok, now for the pics!

01df44d6e3a781da0f0e9ba1d49496952bb652b425c5c7a1bc0f9882454bfeb6 64de4d358d4d90362cd7e16c9663002a f18f7ed48f44d8f2aef347704098c1e2 6ca3dbc0565aca8492b7b0402f15c6ff


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