My Cinderella slippers!

If there is one thing Cinderella is known by, it’s her glass slippers! I think us girly girls grow up wanting to look, and dress like Cinderella, and the Disney Princesses! I finally found my glass slippers!  They shine a bright ,blush color gold when the light hits them!Thank you Brian Atwood, for making beautiful shoes! And, thank you Saks, for sales!

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Cool shoes from Jessica Simpson, part 2!

My affection for Jessica Simpson Shoes is growing! I love her fashion forward styles, as well as the classic ones! I found some interesting styles around the web, I thought I’d share with you!   To purchase them, I recommend you search the web for the best deal, or use the price match and free shipping from, and  Ok, enjoy!

New shoes from Jessica Simpson

I am a total sucker for a great pair of shoes! What I love about Jessica Simpson’s shoes is that they are stylish, unique, and fun! Here are some of my faves from her current collection!