Good songs, and why I love them

There’s nothing like a good song. Here I am going to name some of my favorites. What songs do you love, and do they have a special meaning for you?


1. Make you feel my love by Adele- I love this sing because,  it is a love song that can be interpreted many different ways, romantically, spiritually, a love song to your child, or to someone you simply care for.

2.  Umbrella by Rihanna- This is perhaps my favorite song to date by Rihanna. Why? It’s catchy, unique, and the message is positive. In my opinion, it was a groundbreaking song for Rihanna.

3. Lost ones by Lauryn Hill- this is one of the best rap songs I have ever heard, and the lyrical content is great

4. Zion by Lauryn Hill- a beautiful love song about the love she has for her child Zion

5. How great thou art, originally by George Beverly Shea- this song has been sang over and over by many people for a reason. The words are simply beautiful,  are perfect for worship, and the words get deep into your spirit, and move you in a special way.

6. You raise me up, Josh Groban- another great spiritual song

7. Up to the mountain- Originally written for Martin Luther King Jr., the message in this song is beautiful.

9. Forgive them father by Lauryn Hill- this song combines the sounds of reggae and hip-hop in a unique way, and the message is great.

10. Saviour King by Hillsong- a beautiful worship song